HIRE ME for Production / Mixing / Mastering

I LOVE producing music and bringing songs to life! I have been doing music production for 30 years and in that time, I have developed and honed many skills in the areas of production, mixing and mastering. I’ve worked with a wide variety of styles including Pop, Rock, Americana, Soul, Country, Hip Hop, Rap.. I play guitar, piano and bass, and Program everything else.  I also have means to get live drums, strings, and horns added to the productions through a handful of great musicians that I have good relationships with. I also own a plethora of the top professional quality industry standard virtual instruments and plugins.

When you hire me, you can be confident that the end product will:

  • Be competitive
  • Be ready for releasing on digital streamers (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc..),
  • Be pitch-friendly for Sync Licensing. (Songs I have produced/mixed/mastered have been placed on various TV shows and Commercials)
  • Be ready for whatever else you want to do with your music.

So, please check out the reviews below from some of the amazing writers, and artists I’ve worked with, and feel free to reach out with any questions. We can discuss pricing after I get an idea of what the project is. Looking forward to connecting and taking your music to the next level.



“I have worked with dozens and dozens of talented producers over the course of my music journey, and time and time again I keep coming back to David. David’s work exudes such a lively, chunky human quality while sounding modern and impactful. He’s a Swiss army knife too, able to handle whatever you throw at him. So far we’ve done swagger rock, synthwave, funk/r&b, indie pop, alt rock etc. A very capable guitar and bass player, he’s got an amazing sense of groove and pocket. I could talk all day about how great he is but I’ll leave it at “Hire this man!” He will knock it out of the park.”                                                                             – Joe Uzzo (Artist/Songwriter/Producer – FAVORITES, New Sheriffs)

“David is an incredible producer!!! We have worked on multiple songs now and with every song it gets better and better. He is extremely meticulous with the production, mix and master until he makes sure the song is perfect. You should hire him… just do it!”                                – Lauren Light (Artist)

“David is among the top producers I have worked with, and I’ve worked with many of the greats. He is both highly creative and adventurous while having a precision and attention to detail I have rarely seen. David makes making music fun – he is spirited and enthusiastic with an effortlessness to him and his work. He gives honest, thoughtful feedback, but doesn’t let his ego get in the way if you have notes for him. I recommend him highly.”                              – Justina Shandler (Artist/Songwriter – JELAINA)

“I run a sync licensing agency & music production house and David is one of our top go to producers when we need high quality work done quickly. He always delivers and is wonderful to work with!”                                                                                                                       – Celia Rose (Founder of What Up Pitches music licensing agency)

“David is of the utmost professionals I’ve ever worked with. We’ve synchronized from the beginning & it’s always been easy working with him. But I’ve also seen him blood, sweat & tear over a project & have no problem starting all over so long as it was making it the best it could be and that is why I give hime 5 stars all around. I will continue to work with him as long as he likes me :D”                                                                                                                – Rachel McGoye (Artist/Songwriter)

“A jack-of-all-trades producer, David would be an excellent person to hire for any of your modern production needs. As a vocalist who has collaborated with David several times, my favorite part about working with David is his vocal treatment. Of the many producers I’ve worked with over the years, no one makes my voice shine with clarity and depth quite like David does. Highly recommend for any vocalist or topliner that wants to take their vision to the next level!”                                                                                                                            – Alexa Jaye (Artist)

“David is one of the best producers I’ve worked with over the years! He’s extremely talented, professional, quick and is super fun to work and collaborate with. I love the two songs we’ve written together and hope to write more with David in the future! You won’t regret hiring him, he is stellar!”                                                                                                                         – Chelsey Coy (Artist/Vocalist for Single Girl, Married Girl)

“I’ve recorded tons of songs w/ multiple producers & I’m a hands on, start to finish kind of artist. Some producers have trouble w/ that, but David didn’t flinch. From day 1 it was easy, collaborative & tons of fun! David & I worked remotely w/ a time frame, still I felt like he took time to understood my brand, my vision & the result was better than I imagined. He made me feel comfortable & took on every note, no matter what I threw at him. I could feel his love for what he does. I’m looking forward to the next time. I highly recommend him on every level! David is an absolute Pro!”                                                                                                     – Jennifer Herbig (Artist – a girl named jaen)

“David is a fantastic producer. He’s very easy to work with, listens to feedback and is great at hearing a reference track along with a worktape and translating that into a stellar, original production. No ego, no drama, great work ethic. David’s a pro!”                                             – Elaine Ryan (Artist/Songwriter – JELAINA)

“David has produced a few of my songs and I am always blown away by his musicality. He always brings something new to the production. And he is so quick – his turnaround is incredible especially given that the quality of his productions is so high. Another thing to mention is that he always brings a very modern, polished feel to every production. David is definitely one of the best producers I have worked with. He is totally reliable and I can recommend him wholeheartedly….oh and PS He’s a lovely guy too and easy to work with!”    – Harriet Thomas (Songwriter)