• Released: 2004
  • Format: CD / Digital
  • Label: Independent
  • Produced by: David Thiele

After spending 5 years in Nashville, I returned home to Chicago to plan my move to Los Angeles. With a bunch of songs under my arm, I began recording what would become “The Opening Act” in my upstairs bedroom at my parents’ house. I didn’t go to college, Nashville was my education. With all of the hands on experience and things I learned in Nashville about songwriting and producing, I was ready to put it to good use. Making music is such an act of labor. It can be all-consuming. I am very proud of this record. I put my heart and soul into it.

I took this CD with me when I moved to Los Angeles in Late 2003. It did pretty good. Got me a spot in the ASCAP Lester Sill Workshop where I met some other up-and-coming artists and songwriters in L.A. People like Oren Hadar, Kari Kimmel, Libbie Schrader. Oren and I went on to become good friends and write some songs together. One of which made it onto my next record.

I also won the SoundMoves artist contest where I met Michael Woodrum (A great producer and engineer), and won runner up in a few other prestigious songwriting contests. This record also led me to my first record deal with New Land Music in 2007.

Some of the songs on The Opening Act that stand out to me today are “All Fell Down”, “Starting All Over”, “February”, and “The Nights”. It’s weird.. sometimes I’ll listen back and I still can’t believe that I did it. Is that really me?