• Released: 2008
  • Format: Digital
  • Label: New Land
  • Produced by: David Thiele / Steven Miller


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“Beautiful Mess”……. What better way to describe my life and times surrounding this record? It was late 2007 and I had just signed my first record deal with a new independent record label. I was to be the first artist they would release. It had all the makings of a success story… except for the success. =)


By all means, this was a great experience and one I will never forget. I had a budget to work with, and got to work with some great legendary musicians such as Steve Ferrone (Drums), Jeff Young (Keys), Tim Pierce (Guitar), John Pierce (Bass), T-Bone Wok (Bass), and Dorian Crozier (Drums). I teamed up with producer Steven Miller (Dave Matthews Band, Suzanne Vega, Glen Phillips) and we set out to record the songs that would become “Beautiful Mess”. I also flew out to Vermont to work with Will Ackerman on a couple of tunes including “Trying”.


Having to work with another producer was very interesting and proved to be a bit difficult for me. I had to give up some control and trust someone else with my music (something I was not used to). In the end, I’m definitely proud of the songs on this record, but I may one day re-release some of these songs the way I would’ve wanted them to sound originally.


After the record was done, and the record label was about to release it and start the radio promotion, the stock market crashed in 2008 and the label lost it’s investors. There was no money for promotion. No money to manufacture and release the CD. New Land did release it digitally on iTunes, but the physical CD would never come to be. I sat around under contract for a year waiting for the label to secure new investors. But who would invest in a new record label with and unknown artist in such insecure financial times? Turns out nobody was willing to take that risk. New Land Music decided to close shop and reverted all rights to the masters back to me.


This was a huge disappointment to me (as you could imagine). Finally after all of these years of hard work and struggling to get my music out there.. someone was willing to put their money where their mouth was and help get my music out there. Then it all fell apart. That’s not all that was falling apart. My marriage of three and a half years was also falling apart and ended in a divorce that year. There I was, back at square one…


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